Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Chapati of pearl millet (bajra)

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Chapati of pearl millet (bajra). Recipe-Pearl Millet Chapati Recipe-Bajra Chapati Recipe – Kambu Recipe This video describes how to prepare Kambu Chapati / Pearl Millet Chapati Bajra ki Roti (Millet) – Rajastani Recipes Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) is the most widely grown type of millet. It has been grown in Africa and the Indian subcontinent since prehistoric times.

Along with wheat flour even bajra was included in the regular diet. It is known to have a very high fiber Now Bajra are recommended by many health professionals, Dieticians and Nutritionist because of its various health benefits. It is also not very. millet-based roti's and i feel it very pale. but these recipes are my husband's favourite and he likes it to have it with dry chutney powders or spice powders and finally, i request you to visit my other indian flat bread or roti recipes collection with this post of bajra roti recipe. it includes recipes like akki rotti. You can cook Chapati of pearl millet (bajra) using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chapati of pearl millet (bajra)

  1. Prepare 2-3 cup of pearl millet(bajra).
  2. Prepare 1 of onion.
  3. You need 1 cup of water.
  4. It’s to taste of salt.
  5. Prepare as needed of butter.

Bajra (Pearl millet) is the most widely grown type of millet in India. Millets are seeded grasses and are a healthy substitute for rice and wheat in almost all the recipes. They have high resistance against harsh climates so, they can be grown easily. Bajra flour is made by grinding the Bajra (pearl millet) grains.

Chapati of pearl millet (bajra) instructions

  1. Mix water, bajra and chopped onion & make a dough..
  2. Make standard size balls of it and make a chapati with the help of rolling board..
  3. Put it on hot tava and cook it wl from both sides..
  4. Now it's ready and serve it with butter..

This pearl millet recipe needs overnight prep in terms of soaking. That apart, this gluten free grain combined with mung dal and vegetables, makes a Pearl Millet or whole bajra is an excellent whole grain to stock up in the kitchen. A lot of cooks get discouraged by the very long cooking time, labelling. Pearl Millet commonly known as Bajra in India is rich in essential compounds like protein, fibre, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. Taking a trip towards the western side of India, you'll commonly find the locals eating chapati made of bajra.

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