Recipe: 2021 Mini ice cream sandwich

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Mini ice cream sandwich. These mini ice cream sandwiches are twice as fun and half the calories of storebought! Making delicious ice cream sandwiches has never been easier with the Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. It's easy to use; just cut, scoop, cut and press.

You're going to make them more miniature than you normally make chocolate chip cookies because these are "mini" ice cream sandwiches. These Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are as fun to make as they are to eat, seriously! Growing up, ice cream was a big part of my Summer. You can cook Mini ice cream sandwich using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mini ice cream sandwich

  1. Prepare of vanilla wafers.
  2. It’s of ice cream of choice.
  3. It’s of chocolate hazelnut spread.

Treat yourself to three (yes, three!) of these treats to satisfy your sweet, crunchy and cocoa cravings all at once. Roll sandwich in chocolate so chips adhere to ice cream. Create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches lickety-split! It took a long time to figure out the instructions, but it made a cute and unusual ice cream sandwich.

Mini ice cream sandwich instructions

  1. Place some ice cream on one cookie, spread chocolate hazelnut in the other cookie, sandwich them together and enjoy!.

Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two mini hand pies: one cherry and one blueberry. Note: while there are multiple steps to this recipe, these ice cream sandwiches are broken down into workable categories to help you better plan for preparation and baking. How many calories inHood Mini Ice Cream Sandwich.

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