2020 Old Fashioned Tater Tot Casserole

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Old Fashioned Tater Tot Casserole. This is a classic one dish Southern favorite Tater Tot casserole with beef and vegetables! I love this easy tater tot casserole recipe because it takes only a handful of ingredients and most can be found in my pantry. I frequently have ground beef and tater tots in the freezer so this meal is one I can pull together quickly and easily.

I think it's partly because casseroles nearly always involve cheese and who doesn't love cheese? This tater tot casserole with veggies is. Tater tot casserole is the best family meal you aren't making yet. You can have Old Fashioned Tater Tot Casserole using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Old Fashioned Tater Tot Casserole

  1. It’s 2 lb of Ground Beef.
  2. Prepare 2 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup.
  3. It’s of Milk.
  4. You need 1 packages of Tater Tots.
  5. You need 1 of Pepper.

The Midwestern casserole provides the unbeatable satisfaction of crispy tater tots layered over a creamy, beefy filling studded with sweet and tender vegetables. And, contrary to what you might have grown up on. Tater Tot Hotdish is a quick and easy comfort food staple recipe all over the Midwest! This hotdish is full of meat, veggies, soup, cheese, and topped with Tater Tot Hotdish Recipe.

Old Fashioned Tater Tot Casserole step by step

  1. Brown Hamburger, drain excess fat & pour into large baking dish..
  2. Mix in Cream of Mushroom Soups & Milk. I don't measure the amount of milk, I just pour until it's a nice creamy texture..
  3. Load those Tater Tots to the top. Bake at 350 for about an hour. Depending on how golden you like your Tots..
  4. Serve with a side of veggies. Enjoy!.

Hotdishes have been popular for years because they are convenient to make using only one pan. Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Tater Tot Casserole is sure to satisfy and makes for a tasty dinner recipe if you're craving some good old fashioned comfort food! Chunks of ham, fresh broccoli, and sharp cheddar come together in an easy-to-make flavorful sauce that smothers crisp tater tots. Looking for an easy casserole recipe? This Tater Tot Casserole from Delish.com is the best!

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